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Endpoint protection built to stop advanced attacks before damage and loss occurs. 0 breach tolerance. Schedule a demo now.

WHY ENDGAME? Reimagine Endpoint Protection. Endpoint protection platform replacing AV, NGAV, anti-exploit prevention, IOC search, and IR reducing cost and complexity of your endpoint environment. MANAGED EDR Endgame powers the industry’s most advanced Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR) services, providing best-in-class protection against targeted attacks. Customers benefit from improved threat protection, reduce burden on existing staff, and avoid costly IR engagements. Managed EDR service partners deliver: - Continuous endpoint threat monitoring & prevention - Advanced threat detection - Detailed forensic investigation and threat validation - Proactive threat hunting - Accredited incident response services COMPROMISE ASSESSMENT Worried about entrenched attackers? Endgame partners offer a managed Compromise Assessments to identify any evidence of an active or recent security breach in your environment. Customers receive comprehensive findings and actionable plans to respond and remediate threats. Accredited analysts leverage Endgame’s platform to uncover the most difficult to contain threats, including malwareless attacks or in-memory attacks. INCIDENT RESPONSE Despite all the resources invested in information security, any organization can fall victim to a successful cyberattack. Endgame partners offer incident response services designed to arm clients with the confidence and capability they need to prepare and respond to cyberattacks. Incident response services consist of: - Emergency Incident Response – A specialized team is quickly brought in to assess the situation and respond to the incident by evaluating the scope of the breach and providing remediation services and recommendations. - Continuous Incident Response Services – Incident response readiness is provided to prepare and respond as needed, including remote assistance via 24/7 operation centers. MANAGED THREAT HUNTING Today’s cyber attackers can circumvent even the most fortified of traditional enterprise defense systems. Rather than building a taller defensive wall, Endgame partners ensure customers strike first to stop attackers that have evaded traditional security methods. Through this continuous proactive service, customers benefit from continuous business operation through immediate detection and response. In comparison, users of legacy security approaches are typically under siege for months, while failing to identify and remediate sophisticated adversaries. The managed threat hunting as-a-Service consists of: - Continuous endpoint monitoring and reporting for targeted attacks that have bypassed defensive security technologies. - Ability to expose and eliminate active and dormant adversaries that have infiltrated networks, and precisely respond without disrupting normal business operations. - An actionable list of security gaps and procedures to remediate and prevent future attacks, reducing the cost and impact of incident response.

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Endgame's endpoint protection platform protects the world’s data from advanced attacks.

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