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Every day, businesses worldwide rely on Sift Science to automate fraud prevention, slash costs, and grow revenue.

Achieve world-class results with real-time automated fraud prevention Every day, businesses worldwide rely on Sift Science to automate fraud prevention, slash costs, and grow revenue. Our cloud-based machine learning platform is powered by 16,000+ fraud signals updated in real-time from activity across our global network of 6,000+ websites and apps (and growing). A full suite of fraud & abuse prevention products: 1. Payment Fraud Say goodbye to fraud-prevention tradeoffs. Say hello to your new growth driver. :: Less payment fraud Accurately detect fraudsters in real time with machine learning. Prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they happen. :: Less manual review Save time by automatically blocking fraudsters at scale. No need to hire more staff or dedicate more resources to fraud review. :: More sales Confidently accept more good orders and give legitimate users the smooth, easy buying experience they deserve. 2. Content Abuse Stop bad actors from posting malicious or low-quality content that can drive users off your site. :: Less spam and scams Prevent bad actors from posting malicious or low-quality content that can permanently damage your business’ reputation and drive good users off your site. :: Less manual review Save time and money by automating how you stop scammers and spammers from creating abusive content – before it goes live. :: More engagement Confidently remove roadblocks to let the high-quality posts flow. Plus, the community will thrive once users know they’re guaranteed a trustworthy and abuse-free experience. 3. Promo Abuse Keep promo abusers from gaming your marketing programs and depleting your budget. :: Less promo abuse Leverage real-time machine learning to accurately prevent promo abusers from depleting your marketing budget. :: Less manual review Save time and money by automatically blocking promo abusers from gaming your marketing programs. :: Maximize your marketing ROI Let good users redeem promo codes and coupons without jumping through hoops, to boost your growth. 4. Account Abuse Prevent fake accounts from being created before they wreak havoc on your users and brand. :: Fewer fake accounts Accurately detect bad actors in real time with machine learning, and prevent them from creating phony accounts on your site or app. :: Less manual review Save time and money by automating how you stop fraudsters, scammers, and spammers from creating fake accounts and abusing your platform. :: More quality signups Remove roadblocks, such as confirmation emails and CAPTCHAs, from the signup flow to get more good users registered on your platform. 5. Account Takeover Protect your users, your brand, and your bottom line from bad actors who target good accounts. :: Fewer account takeovers Stop illegal account access and malicious activity on trusted user accounts. :: Better user experience Reduce login friction for valid users, making account access simple yet secure. :: Chargeback prevention Prevent fraudulent transactions and incurred chargeback fees by stopping account hacking before it begins. HOW IT WORKS 1. DATA POWER - Apps worldwide send data in real-time to Sift Science using our modern REST APIs & JavaScript snippet. 2. TECHNOLOGY POWER - Sift Science's large-scale machine learning technology analyzes data instantly, connecting thousands of seemingly unconnected clues left behind by fraudsters. 3. PEOPLE POWER - You are the key to success! Sift Science reveals the facts in our beautifully designed user interface and you decide who's fraud and who's not (we make the decision pretty easy for you).

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Protect your business from fraud and fuel your growth through the power of digital trust.

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