Vigilent - Dynamic Control

Automatic, real-time thermal management.

DYNAMIC CONTROL, OPTIMIZED COOLING Automatic, real-time thermal management. INTELLIGENT, CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL SAVINGS YOU CAN COUNT ON THE VIGILENT DATA CENTER™ • Immediate results, savings start on Day One • Eliminates hot spots, protecting uptime • Non-invasive, overlays current infrastructure • Rapid deployment, typically 2-3 weeks • Installs without disruption or downtime • Continuous improvements, AI-based learning PLUG AND PLAY Vigilent works with your existing infrastructure. SOLVING THE TOUGHEST AIRFLOW ISSUES - ELIMINATES FIGHTING CRACS. We solve the puzzle of competing cooling resources that can actually heat the area they are intended to cool. - REDUCES AIRFLOW MIXING. Vigilent works across the entire data center and understands the interrelationships of cooling units. - REDUCES HOT SPOTS. Vigilent is typically able to reduce up to 95% of hot spots by relaxing airflow. AT A GLANCE Cooling becomes a managed resource that reacts to real-time data, which reduces the chances of downtime. Automated hot spot reduction The system automatically removes up to 95% of hot spots, and provides valuable insight into addressing remaining issues through facility adjustments. Instant results From the moment the system goes live, the energy savings and dynamic cooling control are immediate. Cost savings The system finds the perfect balance between delivering the right amount of cooling with the lowest possible energy expenditure. Constantly adapting The AI Engine continuously adjusts cooling output as it adapts to changes in the environment, new equipment, and varying IT loads. Risk mitigation System failsafes and advanced alarms and notifications help avoid costly outages.

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