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The Glint People Success Platform gives you visibility into the health of your organization and guides effective action.

A PLATFORM FOR PEOPLE-DRIVEN ORGANIZATIONS The Glint People Success Platform gives you visibility into the health of your organization and guides effective action. The world's leading brands use Glint to increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. A BREAKTHROUGH APPROACH Only Glint combines modern people science, revolutionary technology, and intuitive design to help you bring out the best in your people. People Science The Glint platform is built on a foundation of organizational science validated through deep research and customer experience. It's integrated into the platform, creating a powerful connection that runs from measurement to action, and to business results. Revolutionary Technology Glint delivers human-level insight at super-human speed, surfacing risks, opportunities, and recommendations in real-time. AI-for-HR™ technology combines proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques to save you time and get to insight faster. Intuitive Design Design thinking is at the heart of Glint. Our human-centered approach ensures that the power of the platform is delivered in a beautiful, meaningful interface. Glint users at all levels can quickly understand the data and take effective action. THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE IN ONE PLATFORM Employee Engagement Visibility into the health of your organization. Insight to see what matters. Guidance to take effective action. Employee Lifecycle Your employee journey, measured. One environment for Onboarding, Exit, and everything in between. Manager Effectiveness Data-driven view of manager capabilities. The tools to help them develop where it's needed most. Team Effectiveness Insight into what makes a great team — no matter how they're defined. Recommended actions to improve.

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Leveraging real-time people data to fuel organizational success.

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