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Amelia helps deliver business value, while also creating new lines of revenue and new customer experiences.

AMELIA: YOUR DIGITAL COLLEAGUE Amelia helps deliver business value, while also creating new lines of revenue and new customer experiences. She turns every customer-facing touchpoint into a more enjoyable experience. AMELIA CAN HELP YOUR COMPANY ACHIEVE ROI AT SCALE, IN A DE-RISKED MANNER. The CEOs who fail to take advantage of automation will be viewed as laggards, while those who find a way to successfully merge automation with human labor will be responsible for building the next phase of the global economy. Amelia can play a critical role for companies looking to make the transition to a new way of doing business. AMELIA CAN HANDLE ALL OF A COMPANY’S SERVICE REQUESTS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR HUMAN INTERVENTION. With platforms like Amelia, large-scale contact centers will one day be a thing of the past. So will static chatbots, for that matter. Amelia instead will provide companies with a host of digital colleagues who think, speak, and empathize like humans, who are also adept at understanding and communicating how a business works. According to McKinsey, the impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time. Executives are even more optimistic—80% believe artificial intelligence improves worker performance and creates jobs. AMELIA: BUSINESS VALUE When you hire Amelia (or several Amelias) you’ll be able to design her to address a variety of company needs, roles, and verticals—all according to your specific business processes and procedures. She observes, learns, and remembers anything you ask. She can read emotions and context during conversations with colleagues and customers, on any communications channel. She can do the repetitive work of thousands while helping to improve the creativity and productivity of her human colleagues. Amelia speaks as humans do Just like any employee or group of employees, Amelia must be trained after she’s hired. In order to train Amelia, IPsoft and its partners teach her the most basic essential knowledge she’ll need to understand how a business runs. Partners provide IPsoft with industry-specific terminology, as well as any required logic frameworks that Amelia needs to learn to develop her decision-making skills. Amelia is taught to conduct business according to specific industry requirements and regulations. Working with human colleagues Once Amelia is ready to begin working on her own, she will inevitably get stumped by unique or custom questions and issues. This is where her ability to learn on her own, and work with human employees, comes into play. If Amelia is unable to resolve an issue, or finalize a transaction, she will escalate the task to a human colleague. Amelia will then observe how the colleague resolves the issue, learn from it, and apply that knowledge to any similar tasks so as to free up time for human employees to tackle other projects. She scales as your business grows Amelia absorbs and logs data faster than your best human employees. She processes mountains of information in an instant. She eliminates repetitious tasks and improves customer experiences. Amelia is a digital employee who can do the job of thousands while providing massive ROI and reducing risk. AMELIA: THE MOST DYNAMIC AI SYSTEM IPsoft’s Amelia is the most dynamic AI system thanks to her cognitive learning abilities, autonomic task management, and emotional intelligence. In this article, we’ll walk you through how Amelia’s brain works, how she can be used to resolve customer service issues, and how she can help employees do their jobs faster and more intelligently.

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