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LiveTiles Bots Bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence. LiveTiles Bots LiveTiles Bots is an intuitive web-based tool.

LIVETILES BOTS - BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN HUMAN AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. LIVETILES BOTS LiveTiles Bots is an intuitive web-based tool with which you can create customizable Virtual Assistants. Bots can automate your mundane and repetitive tasks, minimizing errors and giving you time to focus on what’s important. Developed on Microsoft’s Bot Framework, the LiveTiles Bots builder gives you the power to choose the abilities for your bot. Complex technical concepts such as natural language understanding, intents and parameters are easily modified. Giving every employee a virtual assistant is finally a possibility. HOW DO BOTS HELP? • PERSONAL ASSISTANT • TEAM ASSISTANT • ENTERPRISE ASSISTANT • EXTERNAL ASSISTANT LIVETILES BOTS BENEFITS LiveTiles Bots effectively remove the time, cost, and risk associated with implementing customizable and easily governable AI into your business. MAXIMIZE EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY This isn’t about replacing humans with robots, but instead integrating effective and intelligent software to eliminate mundane tasks that erode human productivity, engagement, and performance. EASY TO CREATE There are no limits on the number of bots you can create to support your business. Bots can be created in a matter of seconds via a conversational interface and on any platform, giving you endless possibilities. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE Built on Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework, the LiveTiles Bots editor gives you the power to tailor your bot’s abilities to fit your unique business needs. Custom abilities can be added using an intuitive visual editor, allowing you to natively integrate your bot with custom APIs or legacy systems. CENTRALLY MANAGED Bot security and integrations can all be managed from a centralized interface, giving you full control over how your bots and applications interact with each other, and members of your organization. LIVETILES BOTS FEATURES DRAG-AND-DROP DESIGN Creating, deploying, and customizing bots is as simple as pointing and clicking. No coding necessary. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE You are sitting on a mountain of valuable accumulated data. LiveTiles Bots mines this data to automate processes and boost productivity. NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING With the advantages of Microsoft’s Natural Language Processing (NLP), LiveTiles Bots is a proven technology and a low-risk AI solution for enterprise. MANAGED BOT CREATION LiveTiles takes care of the back-end systems responsible for building and publishing the AI products you build, regardless of how many you make.

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