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StatusToday is an AI-driven employee insights platform that helps companies boost employee wellness, transform workplace productivity and make sense of org behavior.

WORLD'S FIRST EMPLOYEE INSIGHTS PLATFORM EMPLOYEE WELLNESS Email Overload Detect one of the leading stress sources in the workplace: email overload. Improve employee wellness by identifying harmful email practices contributing to overall higher stress levels within your team, such as persistent late night correspondence from managers and internal spam. Overworking Signals Identify systemic overworking signals in your company. Analyze signals by role or across teams so you can direct strategic efforts toward improving employee wellness. Stay in the know – understand which teams are prone to excessive weekend work so you can prevent employee burnout and ensure positive employee experience. Focus Hours To produce their best work, it’s essential employees have uninterrupted time to think and get the job done. Performance and wellness can suffer as your team works long hours to complete work. StatusToday identifies these “Focus Hours” so you can ensure employees get the critical time they need to focus on complex tasks and complete individual work in a given work day. Wellness Index StatusToday’s patent-pending AI technology presents you with a Wellness Index, creating an aggregate metric indicating how your company measures regarding employee wellness. Based on the quality of your employee’s email overload, employee’s overworking signals and focus hours, the Wellness Index provides a deliverable report so you get a clear overview of how your efforts towards the company’s wellness is progressing. WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY Collaboration Identify and analyze key collaboration trends to optimize and improve teamwork, reachability, and employee influence. StatusToday’s AI is the tool you need to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s collaboration patterns to streamline workplace productivity. Communication Effective communication is the foundation for optimized workplace productivity. StatusToday’s Communication Dashboard ensures you stay updated on trends detected within your team’s external and internal communications by pinpointing bottlenecks, identifying reach and responsiveness, determining the health of external relationships, and giving you the power to know when efforts for improvement are paying off. Workplace Distractions StatusToday empowers you to identify workplace distractions and inefficiencies that cripple workplace productivity. Internal and external “noise” – or spamming – is flagged by the artificial intelligence so you can decrease ineffective communication and ensure GDPR compliance. ORG BEHAVIOR Employee Lifecycle StatusToday captures data relevant to each stage of the employee lifecycle. From joiners at the time of onboarding through to leavers while offboarding and even long tenure employees, you can analyze activity and engagement at different stages to gain a better understanding of overall org behavior to optimize each stage of employment to ensure success. Activity Auditing Automatically gain access to a centralized audit log of digital workplace activity across company systems. StatusToday ensures you are covered for compliance, GDPR and reporting obligations while providing an understanding of group and org behavior. Display “Group Average Days” and immediately find what you’re looking for by easily searching all historical data. Unusual Activity StatusToday detects and identifies unusual activity that may signal compromise of your workplace. Receive real-time alerts of abnormal activity so you can stay on top of org behavior and immediate action on incidents of interest.

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AI-powered Insights platform to understand human behavior at the workplace

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