Tetra - Never Take Call Notes Again


Tetra uses AI to take notes on your phone calls, so you can focus on the conversation now and remember everything later.

NEVER TAKE CALL NOTES AGAIN Tetra uses AI to take notes on phone calls, to help you focus, remember the details, and keep your team in sync. CAPTURE THE DETAILS ON YOUR CALLS WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1. Call through the app High definition VoIP connects you to your recipient with crystal clear audio quality, all over WiFi or 4G. 2. Tag important moments Save highlights and action items with a single tap, to skip the busywork and never miss a follow up again. 3. Get notes and share Keep everyone on the same page by sharing Tetra notes with team members, even if they couldn't make the call. FOCUS FOCUS ON THE CONVERSATION Engage in the discussion, without getting distracted writing it all down. Tetra recognizes the entire conversation so you’ll never forget a date or miss a follow-up later. REMEMBER REMEMBER THE DETAILS Instantly jump back to key moments in your conversation with automatic summarization and smart natural language search. SHARE SHARE KNOWLEDGE WITH THE TEAM Tetra helps you keep an accurate record of everything that happened and hear the voice of the customer directly, so your team can focus on what matters. • Speed - Get notes from most meetings within 10 minutes after the call. • Accuracy - Superior speech recognition, powered by research-grade deep learning. • Speaker labels - Remember who said what with two-way speaker labelling. • Highlights - Tag important moments and highlights with a single tap, on-call or after the fact. • Keywords - Organize meetings effortlessly with automatically extracted topics. • Search - Jump back to key moments and recall facts and figures with powerful search. • Google Calendar Sync - Dial into scheduled calls and conferences with a single tap. • Magic highlights - Automatic summaries so you can effortlessly remember what’s important. HOW DOES TETRA KEEP MY DATA SECURE? We use industry standard encryption to keep your data secure, in our Amazon storage servers and with HTTPS connections to our website. No humans are ever involved to create your transcripts. IS IT ILLEGAL TO RECORD A CALL? By default, Tetra announces to your recipient that a recording is taking place — for legal purposes in “two-party consent” states, and to be polite! You may disable this announcement as long as you stay compliant with local law or get recording consent yourself. DOES TETRA INTEGRATE WITH SKYPE, SLACK, OR GOTOMEETING? Not yet! Support for other calling platforms is on the roadmap, vote below to help us prioritize integrations and to receive early access.

Learn more at asktetra.com

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AI notetaker for meetings

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