Knightscope - Jul 11 - Blog Post:
Another Police Department: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

We could not be prouder to have the opportunity to partner with the U.S. 
 Department of Veterans Affairs Police...

Kubeflow - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Kubeflow & Kale simplify building better ML Pipelines with automatic hyperpar...

TL;DR: Convert Notebook to Kubeflow Pipelines, run them as hyperparameter tuning experiments, track executions and artifacts with MLMD, cache and...

Faraday - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Customer insight fundamentals: Understand your customer data to make better p...

Gain insight into your customer data with a data survey before making predictions.

MarketMuse - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Website Migrations: What to Do and What to Avoid

Discover everything you wanted to know about website migration from someone who has been involved in hundreds of these situations.

A Us Based Big Data Intelligence Company - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Ethical and Trusted AI in Financial Services: CogX 2020 Panel Recap

Highlights from our CogX 2020 panel featuring our Manoj Saxena and two industry leaders at HSBC. How do we get...

Algorithmia - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
What are parametric models?

Deploying AI at Scale

Rasa - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
10 Best Practices for Designing NLU Training Data

Whether you're starting from scratch or working with an existing data set, here's how to make sure your NLU training...

Accubits Technologies - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Face mask detection on ARM-based devices and other embedded systems

Wearing face masks at public places has become a norm today. Several governments even made it mandatory for people to...

Databricks - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
A data-driven approach to Environmental, Social and Governance

Learn more about Databricks’ novel approach to sustainable investing, combining NLP techniques and graph analytics to correlate ESG initiatives with...

Fritz - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Introduction to hand detection in the browser with Handtrack.js and TensorFlow

Hand detection is a fundamental sub-task of object detection that has historically been hard to implement. But there have been...

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