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Oct 12

Meet the Team: Kate Stericker

I’ve done previous terms with start-ups and I’ve worked on marketing teams before, but I don’t have a background in artificial intelligence. As a result, this job gives me the opportunity to learn about a fascinating new industry without straying too far out of my area of expertise.

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Aug 02

Analyzing The Titanic Disaster With Terrene Desktop

To celebrate the launch of our new desktop application I thought it would be fun to use Terrene Desktop to do an analysis of a classic dataset, the passengers on the Titanic and try to predict my family's survival had we been on the Titanic. This data set is used

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Aug 01

The Future of Business Intelligence - Terrene Desktop Now Available

When we founded Terrene in 2017 we saw a lot of problems that needed solving, but we couldn't tackle them all ourselves so we set out to help others solve problems. The best way to tackle a problem is to get the best possible information to the right people at

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Dec 21

Signing Off with Some Sci-Fi Recommendations

This Friday marks the last day of my co-op job as Terrene’s Marketing Assistant. I want to close out the term by recommending three of my favourite science fiction novels.

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