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The augmented writing platform

Oct 10

Textio turns four

Four years ago, Textio was born from a picture on a napkin. We had an idea of what writing should be — that writing on a computer can be so much more than the basic formatting and collaboration…

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Oct 09

How smaller banks are landing bigger talent

Silicon Valley’s attempted move into financial services has reached a fever pitch in 2019: Facebook’s gambit on cryptocurrency was revealed in June, the Apple Card was released in August, and now…

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Oct 03

The Rise of “Slam” Journalism

A few months ago, as I was catching up on the news, something about this New York Times headline caught my eye: Many of us would agree that the current American political climate is unusually…

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Sep 11

Building company culture as you grow: a video series

“Company culture” is simple (and simple to maintain) when you’re a small team. It’s when you begin to scale that you realize all the new people and processes could bust — or boost! — your existing…

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Textio - Textio

Augmented writing boosts your hiring performance where it matters most: recruiting a more qualified, more diverse talent pool with better job posts.

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