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The augmented writing platform

Oct 10

Textio turns four

Four years ago, Textio was born from a picture on a napkin. We had an idea of what writing should be — that writing on a computer can be so much more than the basic formatting and collaboration…

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Sep 11

Building company culture as you grow: a video series

“Company culture” is simple (and simple to maintain) when you’re a small team. It’s when you begin to scale that you realize all the new people and processes could bust — or boost! — your existing…

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Sep 05

Stop using copy/paste in your job posts

If you’re a startup making your first hire, you’re probably just going to write a job post from scratch and hope for the best. But for a large enterprise opening thousands of roles every year…

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Aug 06

How the defense industry can compete with Big Tech and win the talent war

An analysis of top defense contractors’ job posts shows that their distinctive language is turning off qualified candidates

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Augmented writing boosts your hiring performance where it matters most: recruiting a more qualified, more diverse talent pool with better job posts.

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