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Oct 05

The HOLACRACY – Episode 1

Welcome to the HOLACRACY series! In the first episode you’ll learn why we’ve decided to adopt Holacracy at Tooploox and which problems we want to solve.

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Dec 16

Tooploox and Daj Herbatę Foundation

We believe that the best way to use one’s skills and talent is to make something useful and meaningful, something that makes change. In Tooploox, we used our skills in order to make helping others easier.

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Dec 03

Tooploox Hackathon 2019

What happens when you have some cool idea in your head you would really like to explore, but you’re also very engaged in a client project and have little time for validating it? You initiate a hackathon!

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Nov 06

Clutch Ranks Tooploox as a Top Developer in Poland

We’re honored to be recognized by Clutch for all of our hard work in the development space! An independent reviews firm, Clutch collects industry data and client feedback from service providers all over the world to rank the top companies in their field.

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