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Turbine models how cancer works on the molecular level and tests millions of potential drugs on it with artificial intelligence.

Turbine’s in silico experiments can test an almost infinite number of interventions on a Simulated Cell that reflects the molecular diversity of cancer cells accurately. Turbine takes laboratory trial and error out of drug discovery and tackles it with scalable power on our servers. The result is a more focused, more rational, and years shorter process. Simulated experiments help understand treatments’ exact mechanism of action, while uncovering their optimal combinations and biomarkers for selecting patients to maximize clinical benefit.

Born from a marriage of bioinformatics, network medicine and artificial intelligence at Semmelweis University, Turbine was founded to start a new paradigm in cancer research. We’re bringing together machine learning experts, bioinformaticians, medical doctors and programmers to give pharma, clinicians and patients a fighting chance.

Company Details
  • http://turbine.ai/
  • Year Founded 2015
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Healthcare, Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Cell biology, Simulated experiments, Simulations, Pharmaceuticals, Drug discovery
How Turbine.AI uses AI in their company

Turbine takes trial and error out of the laboratories, and moves it onto our servers that can run millions of experiments in a matter of minutes. We've built an artificial intelligence that models how cancer works on the molecular level, and tests millions of potential drugs on it each day. This way, we can get new cancer drugs to patients years faster than pharma’s current solutions. Turbine is the way to discover drugs in the 21st Century, replacing tools and processes in use for over 40 years.

Turbine - Ai Guided Simulated Experiments

Turbine's artificial intelligence increases clinical benefits, boosts patient survival and speeds up cancer research

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