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Jul 28

Top 5 Ways That DevSecOps Isn’t Like Sport

There’s the World Cup, cricket, baseball, rugby, Wimbledon - more sport around at the moment than you can shake a stick (or bat, racket or croquet mallet) at. I love watching various sports - an activity at which I excel, unlike my attempts to play most of them - and I was wondering the other The post Top 5 Ways That DevSecOps Isn’t Like Sport appeared first on Unified Inbox.

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Feb 01

UIB wins the ninth edition of the Aegis Graham Bell Awards

IoT leader UIB secures prestigious AGBA award in “Innovation in IoT” category for UnificationEngine® Conversational IoT platform.

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Jan 17

UIB signs three-year MoU with the Dubai Police to expand the use of AI

UIB has signed an agreement with Dubai Police G.H.Q. to advance their vision of pioneering policing and innovative practices for smart security services.

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Dec 22

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Maintenance

IoT, AR maintenance, CMMS, and intelligent IoT messaging help facilities to meet their energy savings, labor savings, employee safety, and financial goals.

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AI Discovers Changes – Gets International News Coverage

Our recent report outlining how our AI discovered new construction on Mischief Reef has gotten notice from the Press. In...

Simularity - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
BBC China: Satellite images “show new changes in Mischief Reef” China is accu...

Published Feb 25, 2021 Link: https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/simp/chinese-news-56198339

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Celebrate International Women's Day with SAS

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Government: Intelligent decisions in turbulent times

The UK government sector is standing on the verge of the unknown. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the...

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