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Vicarious is an artificial intelligence company that uses the computational principles of the brain to develop general intelligence for robo

Feb 07

From Action to Abstraction: Learning Concepts through Sensorimotor Interactions

Find a direct link to the paper here. A thought experiment Imagine that you wake up in a strange room. It’s not the nice bedroom you went to sleep in, but a dimly lit cell with a damp, cold floor. The walls are made out of cracking plaster and the only intended way in or…Read More

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Jan 27

Our Principles

Vicarious aims to bring about a robotic golden age by using AI to automate more and more general tasks until we reach artificial general intelligence. Robotic automation is already changing the world economy profoundly, and this effect will only increase as we automate more. In the long run, artificial general intelligence (AGI) will have massive…Read More

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Jan 18

A thought is a program….

….and your brain a special kind of computer. Direct link to Science Robotics paper full text. A thought is a program: teaching concepts to robots. The instructions for Ikea are infamously simple. There are no words, no crash courses in allen wrenches, just a little cartoon individual that is slowly working its way through the same…Read More

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Oct 26

Common Sense, Cortex, and CAPTCHA

Direct link to Science paper full text. Introduction From the moment we are born, we begin using our senses to build a coherent model of the world. As we grow, we constantly refine our model and access it effortlessly as we go about our lives. If we see a ball rolling onto the street, we might reason that a child…Read More

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Vicarious Systems - Vicarious

Vicarious is developing artificial general intelligence for robots.

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