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May 07

vLex signs collaboration agreements with Spanish Bar Associations

In April, vLex formalized collaboration agreements with the Gipuzkoa Bar Association and the Granada Bar Association to give all members access to legislation, jurisprudence, official bulletins…

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Aug 29

AI-powered legal research added to the tool kit of every lawyer in Saskatchewan

Vincent reads legal documents like court rulings to extract topics, cited authorities and other key indicators to create contextually-relevant knowledge graphs that can be further refined by…

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Aug 15

No-strings expert advice to get you from ‘problem’ to ‘possibilities’

Sam Harden describes himself as a “lawyer who learned to code” and as someone who is “constantly building and experimenting with ways to apply technology to law.” Sam’s also the kind of person you…

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Jul 29

The tip of the iceberg with legal technology

Off-the-shelf applications and legal technology serves a vital role in many legal sectors around the world. But very few legal technology products can help unlock the power that’s hidden in data…

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