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AI for enterprise voice data

Jun 27

Why Winning Teams are Great at Sales Coaching

It’s an understatement to say sales training and coaching is a trending topic. It’s trending for good reason. As a manager, coaching is the single most impactful thing you can do to improve sales…

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Aug 01

Q&A with Jake Monroe of Tesla/AMS and Ilan Kopecky of Talkdesk

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with two talented and respected sales leaders, Jake Monroe (previously at Tesla, now at AMS) and Ilan Kopecky (Talkdesk), both daily operators who have…

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Jun 30

Over 2 Million Statements Analyzed…and We’re Speeding Up

Recently, we’ve surpassed some important milestones, and the titular milestone here (over 2MM statements analyzed) is worth recognizing. As a number it represents progress — a growing number of…

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Jun 30

Q&A with Matt Collaton, Head of Outbound Sales @ Shopify

Shopify is a hypergrowth e-commerce company that develops software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Since 2006 they’ve grown from a team of 5 working out of a local coffee shop, to…

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Voiceops - Voiceops - Unlock Your Call Data

VoiceOps does the job of transcribing and analyzing your team’s conversations so you can provide the most valuable, actionable, and data-driven feedback to your entire team.

Myfinb - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
AI:10 Mar – 10th Issue

"Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the...

Verbit - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
Meeting New Media Market Requirements

Verbit is customizing its tools to help meet new media requirements for burned captions, or open captions, as well as...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs Need to Know About Maximizing CRM Marketing Impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs need to know about maximizing CRM Marketing impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Zero404 - Mar 06 - Blog Post:
Pure Taboo – Technological Innovation in the Adult Entertainment Industry

From the looks of Pure Taboo’s tour, the content on this site is basically focused around technological innovation in the...

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