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Jeronimo De Leon
Firm Led by Google Veterans Uses A.I. to ‘Nudge’ Workers Toward Happiness
Humu, a Silicon Valley start-up, applies data-driven lessons in human resources to the goal of im...
Jeronimo De Leon
The 140 ‘Waymonauts’ Who Run Alphabet’s Self-Driving Car Unit
Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving car unit was the first to launch a commercial robo-taxi service, pi...
Jeronimo De Leon
2018 is the year AI got its eyes
Artificial Intelligence systems have opened their eyes in 2018
Jeronimo De Leon
Learn Machine Learning from Top 50 Articles for the Past Year (v.2019)
Between Jan~Dec 2018, we’ve compared nearly 22,000 Machine Learning articles to pick the Top 50 t...
Jeronimo De Leon
The 10 most useful Machine Learning projects of the past year (2018)
The past year has been a great one for AI and Machine Learning. Many new high-impact applications...
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