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Jeronimo De Leon
How UPS uses AI to deliver holiday gifts in the worst storms
The delivery giant’s new machine-learning app aims to reroute packages away from snow and other t...
Jeronimo De Leon
Empowering AI Leadership
The Challenge:Artificial intelligence (AI) is the software engine that drives the Fourth Industri...
Sandip Chintala
Turning To AI To Save Endangered Languages
As languages are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, speakers of endangered languages are turni...
Fei Li
Responsible bots: 10 guidelines for developers of conversational AI - Microsoft Research
More people are using bots in their everyday lives, whether it’s to get a quick answer to a custo...
Michael Benaich
AWS announces new Inferentia machine learning chip – TechCrunchTechCrunch
AWS is not content to cede any part of any market to any company. When it comes to machine learni...
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