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Jeronimo De Leon
Ten Applications of AI to Fintech – Towards Data Science
by Corbin Hudson, originally published on www.swishlabs.com
Jeronimo De Leon
How AI Training Scales
We've discovered that the gradient noise scale, a simple statistical metric, predicts the paralle...
Pinaki Saha
Can artificial intelligence tell a teapot from a golf ball? Severe limitations of 'deep learning' machines
How smart is the form of artificial intelligence known as deep learning computer networks, and ho...
Jeronimo De Leon
Been Kim Is Building a Translator for Artificial Intelligence | Quanta Magazine
Neural networks are famously incomprehensible, so Been Kim is developing a “translator for humans.”
Jeronimo De Leon
A neural network can learn to organize the world it sees into concepts—just like we do
Generative adversarial networks are not just good for causing mischief. They can also show us how...
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