Gleb Divov

Gleb Divov - inventor, multidisciplinary immersive artist, composer, Creative AI expert, international curator.

Gleb representing a new generation of multidisciplinary/mixed-media Artists combining various bleeding edge technologies (AI, XR and other digital innovations) with classical techniques and physical objects, creating unique immersive experiences, installations and shows.

He is an active composer and multi-instrumentalist with regular international performances, releases and other cultural activities as an active member of the global international musical/art/cultural community.

Gleb Divov is a co-founder and international curator of the KARA AGORA European Art & Research Center of United Futures, funded through the Culture of Solidarity Fund by The European Cultural Foundation.

He is a curator of the Bill Drummond's (The KLF) The Curfew Tower Residency in Cushendall, Northern Ireland.

Gleb is an international curator for Sound Art and AI at the Carbon Art Residency in Kyiv, Ukraine.

He is also international resident curator at the Angular VR Art Gallery virtual gallery.

Gleb Divov is the Minister of Culture and Innovations of the independent artistic Republic of Užupis in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The Republic of Užupis – is a world’s most innovative Micronation with a global recognition, with independence proclaimed in 1998. It is a collective work of the local community as a cultural, artistic, civic and social movement, constantly changing, developing and innovating, making it famous in Europe and abroad.
The Republic of Užupis is often compared to Montmartre district in Paris, France or Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gleb Divov is a creator and curator of the Digital//Kalnas Gallery – world’s first permanent physical multiverse blockchain-enabled digital art/media art gallery with a VR "rewind-repeat" experience and optional XR extensions.

With an expertise in fields of software development, entrepreneurship, show business, education and other, Gleb Divov is an IT and Music professional with over 20 years of experience, creating pioneering innovations at the intersection of the Technologies with Culture, Music, Art and other areas and industries.

He is a visioner and founder of the FAYR Ecosystem along with Digital/Culture Center, CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU, Crowded.Place.
Sound changes the City / Sound changes the Planet Global Initiative worldwide coordinator.

Gleb is an inventor of the Musical Blockchain – multi-awarded world’s first psychology-based AI music composer.

Latest press mentions (2019-2020):
- The Cooperative City Magazine, AUT, Interview on "Užupis Republic: A self-governing micronation in the Lithuanian capital",
- Paris Match, FR, "Užupis, Lithuania: the Republic of Free Spirits",
- LRT National Lithuanian TV, LT, Personal Interview in "Rusu Gatve" Series,
- TV3/Verslo Žinios/15min/Žmones, October 2020 News, LT, Glowing Fantasy Collaboration,
- NOAR Access art!, EE, Augmented reality at ArtVilnius’20,
- Social Talk, LT/RU, Digital//Kalnas Gallery Interview,
- Discovery Channel, PL, Micronations series (premiered 08/2020),
- European Cultural Foundation, EU, KARA AGORA Interview,
- Playboy America, US, Winter 2020 #TheEqualityIssue,
- MASTACTVA Magazine, BY, 11/2019 Issue.

Latest exhibitions, installations, keynotes, lectures (2019-2020):
- United Virtual Residence (uVR) - VR space/exhibition - "Virtual Proposal for the Europe and the World", KARA AGORA, 2020, Online/EU.
- Mixing Multiverse/Metaverse: CultureTrace and Digital//Kalnas Gallery, Vancouver Biennale Art and Technology Expo / #ArtProject2020, 2020, Online/CA/US.
- OCTET: A Few Minutes With Sonia Delaunay - HCI AI Soundtrack: Musical Blockchain + composer Miquel Arrué Ingresa / mozaika.ES, 2020, Barcelona, CAT/ES.
- "Glowing Fantasy" AI Soundtrack for Rotating Glowing Art Pieces, Radvilų/Senamiescio galerija, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- Sleeping Heroes Installation/Tech/Soundtrack + AR, Salon d'Arts Plastiques La Rochelle, 2020, La Rochelle, FR.
- St. Morčius - Soundtrack and Tech for installation series + AR , Arka Gallery, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- ArtVilnius'20 Art Fair with OKAPI Triasphere Installation/Tech/Soundtrack and AR digital art works (LT-EE), 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- The Curfew Tower Installation/Tech/Soundtrack/AR (LT-IE), Culture Night 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- B3 with Musical Blockchain - Artificialive showcase, Culture Night 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- Czech Republic's Digital Art, curated exhibition, Digital//Kalnas Gallery, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- AI Composer Musical Blockchain, Münchner Science & Fiction Festival Moscow, 2020, Online/RU/DE.
- World’s first Multiverse blockchain-enabled Digital Art gallery, Digital//Kalnas Gallery, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- Border Tree AR Installation, Republic of Užupis, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- Blockchain: new opportunities for Art and Culture, Pangram, 2020, Online/UA.
- Micronations, Culture, Innovations, Carbon Art Platform Ukraine, 2020, Online/UA.
- Art2.0: Art Meets Digital Technology, Erasmus+, Soros International House, 2020, Online/Intl.
- CryptoArt with FAYR Ecosystem, Virtual Art Festival, VRAF Multiverse, 2020, Online/Intl.
- Blockchain + Art, Digital Wine / S1E3, Ukrainian Media Art Community, 2020, Online/UA.
- Creative Events/Management - EHU / European Humanities University, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- Media symposium - VDA / Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2020, Vilnius, LT.
- "AI Songbook" live with Brayden Drevlow, 2019, Munich, DE.
- Creative AI x Music 2019, Munich, DE.
- Digital Cube with the GalleryBox, Lokacija Vilnius Midtown, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- AI Vilnius City Symphony - Mini-Grand presentation, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- Technologies and Creative Industries - Mykolo Romerio universitetas, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- True Chill Area Installation/tech/soundtrack, ArtVilnius Art Fair, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- Ideal Black, Art Fair Foto Tallinn, 2019, Tallinn, EE.
- Madonna Installation + live HCI, Ramintoja Bažnyčia, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- "Digitized?" Installation/mapping/tech/soundtrack, EMEM Festival, 2019, Traku Voke, LT.
- Creativity of Micronations, Belarusian National Technical University, 2019, Minsk, BY.
- Art-Science and Art-Tech, OK16 Art Space and Belarusian Cultural Hub, 2019, Minsk, BY.
- Sound changes the City / Sound changes the Planet Global Initiative launch, Užupio Meno Inkubatorius, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- Creative AI Showcase, Užupis' Summer Day of Culture, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU launch, Užupio Meno Inkubatorius, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- AI x Music, Login Conference, 2019, Vilnius, LT.
- Creative AI in Music + Artificialive set, No Trolls Allowed hacker camp, 2019, Trakai, LT.


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