Jeronimo De Leon

I'm a creative digital entrepreneur with a passion for building creative and useful digital products. I've been in digital for over seventeen years as a designer, programmer, UX, product and digital project management/producer.

I have experience working in Corporate client side, Startup and Agency side digital environments, with expertise and experience in Project and Product Management, UX, Design, Wireframing and using Waterfall and Agile / Scrum methodologies across multiple digital platforms such mobile, desktop, digital outdoor and wearable tech. I have a passion for AI and Machine Learning and I'm a certified IBM Watson Application Developer and currently developing www.Welcome.AI

Latest Experience

2017 - Present

Founder at Welcome.AI a platform to help people discover, learn and adopt AI technology and talent.

Executive Digital Producer | Havas New York City

2014 - Present

Digital Projects Director | Havas Worldwide Australia

2013 - 2014

Comedy Bot - IBM Watson Chatbot Competition

We developed a Comedy Bot for the IBM Watson Dev Conference to find out if a bot can make you laugh

Sports & Entertainment | 1 Team Member | 1 Updates | 1 Followers

NYC School Finder

Helping parents find the right high school for their child

Society | 1 Team Member | 1 Updates | 2 Followers

Published Articles and Papers
Engineering As Marketing with AI

An underutilized marketing channel with new potential by using Artificial Intelligence.

Defining Your Bot’s Purpose and Focusing Its Domain Knowledge

A Minimal Viable Knowledge (MVK) approach to training your bot.

How To Choose Your Side Projects

Side projects can be difficult to complete if not selected properly. It’s important to evaluate them through the right lenses. Here's how.


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