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Michael Benaich
AI software can dream up an entire digital world from a simple sketch
Creating a lifelike digital scene normally requires skill, creativity, and patience. Now we can j...
Jo Bryson
Fei-Fei Li's Quest to Make Machines Better for Humanity
Artificial intelligence has a problem: The biases of its creators are getting hard-coded into its...
James Lam
Optimized Prime: How AI And Anticipation Power Amazon's 1-Hour Deliveries
Amazon executives often evoke magic when talking about fast shipping. Now in a race for one-hour ...
Sandip Chintala
How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions
If China is the Saudi Arabia of data, its data factories are the refineries, turning raw data int...
Jeronimo De Leon
What is AI? We drew you a flowchart to work it out
The definition of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, and the term often gets mangled...
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