Varun Markanday

Possessing a proven track record of selling technology software products and related services in a defined territory. Having the required background in software sales along with the personable abilities and technical know how required to maximize a company’s revenue growth and increase its market share.

It is my job to work with the Business Development team and other managers to increase business opportunities and thereby maximize revenue for our organization. To achieve this, we need to find potential new customers, present to them and ultimately create accounts with them that will continue to grow business in the future. Where everything is available with in few click its important to understand what suits best to your business, and pardon my understanding here but there are very few people who understands the best for their business. I feel that's where the technology and professionals like us should help entrepreneurs to figure out what technology can do for them and how.

Eventually its about $$ but interestingly it never has to start with $$. Therefore my aim revolves around sharing this insight with my clients of how and where the technology can help them to grow their business 3 times of what they are doing now. This ultimately brings automation throughout, saving time and cost for everyone. And what can be better than outsourcing thinking cost benefits and premium technical skills.

Key Responsibilities:
- Ask technical questions and initiate detailed product discussions
- Uncover customer needs beyond what may be initially obvious to the prospect
- Provide live web demonstrations of solutions to prospects
- Develop and maintain sales/business pipeline
- Document accurately in the opportunity tracking system
- Educate customers on product functionality through conversations, demos, and presentations
- Follow up on and close uncovered business opportunities

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”

Latest Experience
Business Development Manager
VT Netzwelt Pvt Ltd

May 2018 - Present

Master in Computer Application | Apeejay Institue of Management Technical Campus

APR 2010 - MAY 2013

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