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Chatbot website builder for microbusiness owners.

Aug 31

Will chatbots replace email marketing?

Chatbots are Freaking AWESOME! After having worked with chatbots for more than 1.5 years and building products based on the technology, we’re super-excited to share with you why we love them so much…

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Jul 09

10 Things Your Small Business Website Must Have In 2017 To Stand Out.

As small business owners in 2017, your website visitors come through social media, news, direct traffic etc…It’s important now more than ever to ensure your website has a seamless transition between…

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Oct 12

Build a startup they said, it will be fun they said

Two weeks ago I gave a talk on my personal entrepreneurial story, of its pains and joys to 250 executives at an annual Enterprise Estonia event “Elevator to the future”. Enterprise Estonia is an…

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Sep 15

Going to Berlin with your startup in 10 easy steps.

I landed in Shönefeld airport on Saturday after having slept only 2h the previous night, because, obviously you need to say your goodbyes in the Baltics. It was rainy and cold in Latvia when I left…

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Cliengo - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Los proyectos inmobiliarios de 3L y su caso de uso con Cliengo.

Cliengo Blog - Impulsa tu negocio conversando con tus clientes Son las 11 de la mañana en Argentina y las...

Rasa - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
Connecting a Rasa Assistant to Twilio

In this tutorial, we’ll review how to connect your Rasa assistant to a Twilio phone number, so users can text...

Kore.ai - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
How Kora Helps You Tide Over COVID-19 Crisis

In times of crisis, staying connected is of strategic concern. Explore our Kora COVID-19 Assistant to communicate and calibrate company-wide...

Optimove - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
Quick Ways to Adjust Your Communications for COVID-19

It’s what everybody’s asking. Including our clients. So we gathered some more tips

SmartAction - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
SmartAction Responds to Pandemic with a No-Fee Rapid Response AI Solution to ...

SmartAction is responding to the current crisis with a Rapid Response Virtual Agent that intercepts callers with a seamless channel...

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