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Aug 11

Smart IoT in Transportation and Logistics is the Key Tech to Improve Cities in Motion

Today’s city has a dramatically accelerated pace and rhythm in motion, which requires a greatly improved transportation and logistics service. Many solutions of Internet of Things (IoT) have been proposed to develop the urban mobility and meet the requirements in transportation and logistics from th

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Feb 21

Open Location Platform Unlocks the Values of Integrated Smart Technologies with IoT and Big Data for Smart Cities

A platform specializing in geospatial data is often referred to as a Location Platform (LP) or Location Based Services (LBS) platform. Different from Geographic Information System (GIS), which is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical

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Jul 17

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Call for the Innovations of Smart Transportation Technology for a Better Safety and Mobility

Although bicycling and walking were not used extensively as travel modes before, they have been showing a fast increasing trend of being adopted and used for recent years according to transportation data. More people would like to bike or walk to commute, for exercise, or just for fun, due to the we

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Mar 24

Big Data Driven Smart Transportation: the Underlying Story of IoT Transformed Mobility

Growing of smart IoT has generated many major impacts on transportation development, of which one underlying big story is the thriving of big data driven smart transportation nowadays. We are moving from IT to data technology (DT) time, and we are entering a “results driven” era in transportation. A

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