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WorkFusion automates enterprise business processes by combining robotics, AI-powered cognitive automation, and workforce orchestration.

Apr 27

Building bots like a Boss: Meet our RPA Express champions

Nothing is more than exciting to us at WorkFusion than seeing brilliant people knocking themselves on RPA Express, our free automation software. That’s why we continuously challenge the RPA Express…

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Jun 06

IDP Webinar Follow-up: We Answer 6 Bonus Audience Questions

In May, WorkFusion hosted an informative webinar on the opportunities and benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) — featuring Anil Vijayan of Everest Group and Arnesh Sahay, a Solutions…

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May 13

If You’re Only Automating with RPA, You’re Playing the Short Game

Automating purely to reduce cost isn’t transformation. It’s optimization. That’s fine if you’re only interested in short-term wins, but leading enterprises — the ones who beat born-digital…

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Apr 17

Intelligent Document Processing, the New Enterprise Technology Superpower

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in business, but it can deliver even more benefit to users with an injection of breakthrough tech. Enter intelligent document…

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Products and Case Studies
WorkFusion - Workfusion - Smart Process Automation

AI-powered RPA for data-first companies. Automate work that's too complex for rules with native AI that learns from high-volume data and exceptions.

WorkFusion - Workfusion - Rpa Express

Download the new generation of RPA Express. A free automation software that’s now even faster to install, easier to use and built to scale.

WorkFusion - WorkFusion

Intelligent Automation. Digitize operations with intelligent automation for your business processes, with solutions that use RPA, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the crowd.

Case Study : Banking | Account Opening

The customer designed and configured the full process, including custom-trained AI, in 60 days.

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Case Study : Top 10 U.S. Bank | 99% Of Email Classification Automated

Automating Complex Email Intake and Data Ingestion for Task Routing

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Avidbots - Apr 04 - Blog Post:
Avidbots Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Avidots is excited to be featured in The Wall Street Journal! Technology columnist Christopher Mims investigated how Neo floor-scrubbing robots...

Verbit - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Verbit Provides Technology for Conference Centered on COVID-19 Treatments

Verbit provides captioning for virtual conference with 200 scientists to develop possible vaccines and treatments for the new coronavirus.

Agari - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Business Email Compromise (BEC): Security Risks from your ‘Out-of-Office’ Reply

As if coronavirus hasn't put enough of a damper on vacation schedules this spring, corporate employees taking time off might...

MOOGsoft - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
How AI Helps IT Ops Pros Work Remotely

IT Ops teams working from home can use AI to collaborate and communicate better. Noted AIOps expert Will Cappelli explains.

Codota - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
What autocomplete can do for your productivity

There are two ways to look at autocomplete — First, lazy coders use autocomplete. Second, you have to be crazy not to...

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