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WorkFusion automates enterprise business processes by combining robotics, AI-powered cognitive automation, and workforce orchestration.

Oct 02

How RPA Express Will Help Dialysis Patients Get Better and Faster Care

Few use cases have a more immediate positive impact on a human level as automating processes in the healthcare sector. Hospital and healthcare administrations have high data value, rely on security…

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Jun 06

IDP Webinar Follow-up: We Answer 6 Bonus Audience Questions

In May, WorkFusion hosted an informative webinar on the opportunities and benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) — featuring Anil Vijayan of Everest Group and Arnesh Sahay, a Solutions…

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May 13

If You’re Only Automating with RPA, You’re Playing the Short Game

Automating purely to reduce cost isn’t transformation. It’s optimization. That’s fine if you’re only interested in short-term wins, but leading enterprises — the ones who beat born-digital…

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Apr 17

Intelligent Document Processing, the New Enterprise Technology Superpower

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in business, but it can deliver even more benefit to users with an injection of breakthrough tech. Enter intelligent document…

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Products and Case Studies
WorkFusion - Workfusion - Smart Process Automation

AI-powered RPA for data-first companies. Automate work that's too complex for rules with native AI that learns from high-volume data and exceptions.

WorkFusion - Workfusion - Rpa Express

Download the new generation of RPA Express. A free automation software that’s now even faster to install, easier to use and built to scale.

WorkFusion - WorkFusion

Intelligent Automation. Digitize operations with intelligent automation for your business processes, with solutions that use RPA, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the crowd.

Case Study : Banking | Account Opening

The customer designed and configured the full process, including custom-trained AI, in 60 days.

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Case Study : Top 10 U.S. Bank | 99% Of Email Classification Automated

Automating Complex Email Intake and Data Ingestion for Task Routing

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