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Intelligent bot assistant for the workplace

Oct 11

A new Jira Issue Creates a ServiceNow Incident and sends message to a Channel

Studies show that most IT professionals spend a large amount of there time feeding data from one application to another, or just switching between applications. YellowAnt’s powerful workflows allow…

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Feb 06

Top 10 YellowAnt Integrations

Over the past 2 years, YellowAnt has expanded its reach to over a thousand customers spanning 6 continents. These customers are spread across various industry verticals, and use YellowAnt for a large…

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Feb 05

Creating Leverage: A guide to effective engineering

Working hard is not the same as working efficiently. The number of things that we could possibly work on can be boundless, yet our time and resources are limited. Being effective means working on the…

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Dec 11

YellowAnt Writing Contest 2018

YellowAnt presents it’s first ever Technical Writing Contest for Indian students! Rules: “YellowAnt Writing Contest 2018” is published by Jaya in YellowAnt

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