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Oct 11

Welcome to the App Store — Public beta Yodel app

Good news for all iPhone lovers that are looking for a solution to manage their business phone line on their device and on the go. Yodel is available as a public beta in the App Store! Follow this…

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Aug 27

Technology as a Cure for Stress

Society and technology have always had a tense relationship, but now it seems like there’s always new statistics coming out about the negative sides of technology. From being a cause of stress…

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Aug 01

Are your customers’ voices being heard?

Making current, and potential, customers happy is a key part of business success. There’s even more pressure when it comes to small and medium size businesses, because when people chose SMBs over…

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May 23

Get more work done by using Yodel’s latest integration with Integromat

Now, we integrate with Integromat so you can build detailed and even complex workflows for calls to reduce the manual work of organizing calls. Integromat is a no-code workflow automation platform…

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