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Sep 05

Migraine: More Than Just a Headache

Most people have experienced a headache in their life at one time or another. Usually, taking a couple of painkillers soon solves the problem, and you can carry on doing what you are doing. A…

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Oct 01

4 types of abdominal pain and what you can do

Abdominal pain is any pain that occurs in the region between your chest and groin. Learn about 4 types of abdominal pain, common causes of abdominal pain, and when to worry.

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Mar 14

Endometriosis Awareness

This March we are raising awareness about endometriosis, a painful condition that affects around 10% of women and around 176 million people worldwide 1. Endometriosis can significantly affect the…

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Nov 20

Alcohol Awareness: Do You Know How Much You Are Consuming?

From a quick pint, to a glass of wine with dinner, alcohol plays a role in most of our lives, both in meals and in health. While many people around the world enjoy a drink from time to time, few of…

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