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Zymergen discovers and engineers new molecular products and improves existing ones.

Over the past century, the pace of industrial progress has declined as humans have exhausted the ways in which petrochemicals and traditional processes can be used to create new things. Instead, Zymergen uses biology as a source of new chemical building blocks that enable the development of novel products and materials. Importantly, we work at scale –– improving industrial economics while making new markets realizable.

To do this, Zymergen takes an atheoretic approach, leveraging machine learning to navigate the genomic search space to make discoveries far beyond the bounds of human intuition. This enables us to deliver material diversity and performance capabilities not previously possible, with applications across industries –– from agriculture, to chemicals and materials, to pharmaceuticals and more.

Company Details
  • https://www.zymergen.com/
  • Headquarters 5980 Horton St Suite 105 Emeryville, CA 94608
  • Year Founded 2013
  • Current Funding $174.1M
  • Company Size 201-500 employees
  • Specialties Robotics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Manufacturing, Big data, Robotics, Bioinformatics, Industrial engineering, Chemicals
How Zymergen uses AI in their company

Zymergen integrates automation, machine learning, and genomics to rapidly accelerate the pace of scientific advancement. We treat the genome as a search space, leveraging machine learning to make discoveries far beyond the bounds of human intuition. In doing so, we deliver economic value, material diversity and performance capabilities not previously possible.

Zymergen - Systematic Data Testing

Zymergen is first and foremost a technology company, approaching biology with an engineering and data-driven mindset. Our platform integrates technology, automation, and biology to deliver unprecedented levels of predictability and reliability.

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