Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019

CB Insights analyzes the AI trends they see in 2019

INDUSTRY ADOPTION (y-axis): Signals include momentum of startups in the space, media attention, customer adoption (partnerships, customer, licensing deals).

MARKET STRENGTH (x-axis): Signals include market sizing forecasts, quality and number of investors and capital, investments in R&D, earnings transcript commentary, competitive intensity, incumbent deal making (M&A, strategic investments).

Trends seeing adoption but where there is uncertainty about market opportunity. 

As Transitory trends become more broadly understood, they may reveal additional opportunities and markets.

- Cyber threat hunting
- Conversational AI
- Drug discovery

Trends which are seeing widespread industry and customer implementation / adoption and where market and applications are understood.

For these trends, incumbents should have a clear, articulated strategy and initiatives.

- Open-source frameworks 
- Edge AI 
- Facial recognition 
- Medical imaging & diagnostics 
- Predictive maintenance 
- E-commerce search

Conceptual or early-stage trends with few functional products and which have not seen widespread adoption.

Experimental trends are already spurring early media interest and proof-of-concepts.

- Capsule Networks
- Next-gen prosthetics
- Clinical trial enrollment 
- Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) 
- Federated learning 
- Advanced healthcare biometrics 
- Auto claims processing 
- Anti-counterfeiting 
- Checkout-free retail 
- Back office automation 
- Language translation 
- Synthetic training data

Large addressable market forecasts and notable investment activity.

The trend has been embraced by early adopters and may be on the precipice of gaining widespread industry or customer adoption.

- Reinforcement learning
- Network optimization
- Autonomous vehicles
- Crop monitoring

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